Vegetation mats SPELAND VEGA

Plantlet Plugs SPELAND BASE

Vegetation Mats SPELAND VEGA

Vegetation Mats SPELAND VEGA


Professional hydroponic cultivation of various kinds of vegetables.

Dimensions *

Vegetation mats SPELAND VEGA 500 × 240 × 100 mm
Vegetation mats SPELAND VEGA 1000 × 200 × 75 mm
Vegetation mats SPELAND VEGA 1200 × 200 × 75 mm

*It is possible to produce SPELAND BASE materials of another size.

Variants of the film holes

  • Holes can be cut as a whole or perforated for self-formation;
  • Holes can be of a round, square, rectangular or cruciform shape.


  • Rapid growth of the root system;
  • Ability to keep control of the plant’s balance;
  • Rapid response to changes in the nutrient solution content and the EC value;
  • Optimal updates of the EC;
  • High sensitivity to growing conditions (control of the generative and vegetative growth);
  • Uniform distribution of nutrient solutions and the EC over the entire volume of the material.