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Established in 1993, TechnoNICOL is Europe's largest manufacturer and supplier of roofing, waterproofing and thermal insulation materials.

One of the company's product areas is the production of stone wool based thermal insulation materials, and substrates for hydroponic plant cultivation These kinds of products are made by the largest CIS plant, TECHNO, in Ryazan Along with the TECHNONICOL thermal insula- tion materials that are well-known on the market, the factory produc- es stone wool substrates for hydroponic plant cultivation under the SPELAND and SPELAND ECO brands.

  • more than 20 years in the market;
  • over 69 billion roubles in annual turnover;
  • qualified employees 5000 represented in countries worldwide;
  • 41 production sites in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Italy;
  • 5 scientific centers;
  • 17 training centers;
  • over 500 independent business partners.

The TECHNO plant, located in Ryazan, is equipped with modern European equipment for the production of stone wool materi- als All of the line processes are automated and are carried out under the continuous supervision of the operators, using modern visu- alization software that allows them to provide operational influences on the product quality and characteristics during the manufacturing process.

The raw materials first enter the cupola section, where they are melted at temperatures of up to 1700°C An important part in obtaining the correct quality a semi-finished product is a fiberization process that is carried out on a double four-roll centrifuge, with the molten material fed into a receiving wire-belt mesh conveyor.

Binding components are introduced at the stage of the fiber formation Modern technologies allow us to minimize the content of afibrillar in- clusions, and to reach, to the maximum possible extent, a homoge- neous structure of the semi-finished product This parameter has a significant effect on the uniform distribution of the nutrient solution over the substrate volume and, respectively, on the development of a strong and healthy root system in the future plants.

Then at the pendulum placement and corrugating stage, the required density and strength parameters for the final product are set The line equipment allows us to set the desired fiber orientation, according to the type of the output products: vertical-chaotic (multidirection- al), horizontal or vertical The final stage of forming the semi-finished product occurs in the polymerization chamber.

The new automated production line for the SPELAND and SPELAND ECO substrates is equipped with modern European high-tech equipment It was designed and manufactured by leading European companies, under special orders from the TechnoNICOL company.

The introduction of innovative solutions throughout the process has helped to improve the properties of the finished products, enhance the packaging quality, expand the range of products and provide con- sumers with high-quality substrates.

The production facilities and equipment at the TECHNO plant allow for the provision of substrates for up to 800 hectares of greenhouses per year The annual capacity of the new line is: 200 000 m³.

On the premises of the TECHNO plant in Ryazan, there is an organized quality control department with its own certified laboratory The departmental specialists maintain strict quality controls on the output products, according to a four-stage system that includes the following steps: incoming inspections of the raw material components, quality control of the semi-finished products on the line and directly at the stage of the substrate cutting, and control of the products as they leave the conveyor Special attention is paid to the performance and testing results of the final product The last step is the selective control of the products in warehouse storage conditions.

The primary quality indicators, such as the appearance, geometrical dimensions, holes, groove cutting, density, immersion in water, and reli- ability of the weld joints, are determined by the production personnel directly on the line.

In the laboratory, multiple tests and inspections of the semi-finished and samples of the finished product are conducted, which guarantee the continuous improvement and stability of the substrate quality characteristics that affect the plant growth.

The following product indicators are tested in accordance with the technical specifications: compressive strength at 10% deformation, water absorption, shrinkage at full wetting, and porosity In addition to the basic control activities, the laboratory specialists carry out checks of the pH value, block water retention / water loss, this bio-testing for cress growth.

Thanks to this testing and the step-by-step controls, our clients always receive high quality substrates with stable performance characteristics.
The key to the success and continuous development of the TechnoNICOL Company is based on our desire for continuous mod- ernization, the expansion of our tasks and product line, as well as for the development and improvement of the services we provide to our clients and partners Also, we insist on a high level of personnel competence, professional technical consultations, territorial proximity to our customers, sophisticated logistics, and a whole complex of prod- uct delivery services – all of which allows us to implement an individual approach to each customer We are keen to be leaders not only in terms of our production volume, but also in the quality of our customer ser- vice and our ability to anticipate the demands and expectations of our consumers.

From the moment we receive a request, every client closely interacts with a personal manager This specialist, the personal communications, finds out the customer's needs, stipulates the terms, draws up an order, independently coordinates the operation of all structural divisions in the company, and as a result promptly provides the optimal decision to the client.

Managers of the customer service department are ready to receive requests in any way that is convenient: by phone, by email or through a personal account on our website: https://zakaz tn ru Our customer service website: https://zakaz tn ru, allows each customer to follow the status of their order.

Shipment of Category A products shall be made within 24 hours.

We also offer a flexible system of discounts and, if necessary, agronomic support to our customers and partners.
The TECHNO plant, located in Ryazan, is certified according to the ISO quality standard Unique innovations from own Re- search and Development Center and laboratory have been introduced into our production processes Therefore, by are choosing our products, you choose quality and reliability.

The environmental management system for the production of SPELAND and SPELAND ECO substrates is certified according to the in- ternational standard ISO 14001:2004 This certificate was issued by the German accreditation body, Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS).

The presence of this certificate confirms that all stages of our man- agement and production processes comply with the highest interna- tional requirements of environmental legislation Our control over the organization of these processes ensures a reduction in the negative impacts on the environment, as well as in the improvement of environ- mental indicators, and waste and scrap disposal processes.

Our quality management system also complies with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008, which confirms the high level of the quality and stability of these products.
By applying unique technologies and innovative solutions in the field of hydroponic plant cultivation, the TechnoNICOL com- pany's specialists have released SPELAND substrates with improved characteristics onto the market.

The SPELAND products are carefully balanced, easy-to-handle sub- strates that meet all the requirements for the professional production of vegetable and flower crops They are a reliable basis for plant culti- vation using small-capacity technology.

Characteristics of SPELAND substrates
  • Homogeneous elastic-flexible structure;
  • Regular geometrical shape;
  • Stable chemical and hydrophysical properties;
  • Compliance with all sanitary-hygienic standards;
  • Resistance to the impact of microorganisms and an active medium for nutrient solutions;
  • Stable set parameters throughout the plant growing cycle;
  • Homogeneous hydrophilic property;
  • Process parameters oriented to obtaining high crop yields, high quality and the minimization of operational risks in growing products;
  • Strict control of the following substrate parameters during the production process: fiber thickness, density, organic constituents, hydrophilic properties and the draining ability.