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The TechnoNICOL company strives to continuously improve its products and brands This work has resulted in the emergence of an innovative product – the SPELAND ECO substrates These substrates are manufactured according to a revolutionary technolo- gy that is based on the use of natural raw materials: high quality gab- bro-basaltic rocks and binder components from natural organic ingre- dients, including modified starch and an ecologically clean thickener These components have been successfully used for a long time in the food and the perfume industry, including the creation of baby hygiene products (disposable diapers and cloths), which guarantees their safety for the production of various plants.


  • Ecologically clean product based on natural ingredients;
  • Unique technology of hydrophilic fibers;
  • Constant pH value;
  • No need for washing the substrates due to the absence of foreign impurities;
  • Uniformity in thickness, strength, flexibility and elasticity;
  • Guarantee of a healthy and strong plant root system over the entire volume of the material;
  • Stability of the chemical and hydrophysical properties;
  • No substances belonging to any dangerous classes, which makes it easier to dispose of the worked-out substrate;
  • No substances that can adversely affect the plant growth and root system development;
  • Resistance to the impact of microorganisms and an active medium of a nutrient solution;
  • Compliance with all sanitary-hygienic standards;
  • Stability of the substrate geometric dimensions throughout its service life;
  • Compliance with all the requirements for the professional production of vegetables.