Vegetation mats SPELAND VEGA

Plantlet Plugs SPELAND BASE

Seedling blocks SPELAND MID

Seedling blocks SPELAND MID


Growing seedlings of vegetable and flower crops.
Planting seeds is carried out directly into the block hole, or alternately, a plug germinated plantlet can be placed into the block.
The characteristics of the SPELAND MID blocks make them an optimum product for growing strong plants with a good balance of vegetative and generative development.

Dimensions *

Seedling blocks SPELAND MID 75 × 75 × 65 mm
Seedling blocks SPELAND MID 100 × 100 × 65 mm
Seedling blocks SPELAND MID 100 × 150 × 65 mm

*It is possible to produce SPELAND BASE materials of another size.

Production versions

  • Groupings of blocks that include multiple pieces will reduce the installation time and decrease the costs for the preparation for sowing;
  • Blocks are available with one or two holes for seeds or plugs;
  • Blocks are available with a top ring;
  • Blocks are available with bottom drainage grooves, which can improve the moisture distribution The drainage grooves can be made along the length and/or the width of a block.


  • The mostly vertical-chaotic fiber formation provides constant dimensions;
  • An optimum air and water balance in the root system is achieved due to the presence of large and small pores in the material;
  • Easy nutrient solution saturation is achieved with an even distribution throughout the volume This allows for a deep and voluminous sprouting of the roots inside, and consequently vigorous seedling growth, and as a result – a healthy, balanced plant.