Vegetation mats SPELAND VEGA

Plantlet Plugs SPELAND BASE

Plantlet Plugs SPELAND BASE

Plantlet Plugs SPELAND BASE


For the seed sprouting of various agricultural plants: tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, sweet peppers, flowers, salad greens, herbaceous crops, dwarf and ornamental plants.

Dimensions *

Diameter 22mm, height 27mm
SPELAND BASE plugs are manufactured with dimensions that corresponding to the block hole size.
*It is possible to produce SPELAND BASE materials of another size.

Production versions

  • With a cavity for seeds;
  • With a through hole.

The SPELAND BASE plugs are placed into multiple use polystyrene foam cassettes, which facilitate plantlet supervision and handling For some crops the "plug" step may be excluded: in such cases, the seeds are planted directly into the seedling blocks, where the plant is kept until the vegetation stage.


  • Vertical-chaotic fiber formation, which allows for predetermined parameters to be maintained during the whole growing cycle;
  • Uniformity in hydrophilic properties;
  • Dimensional stability;
  • Uniform distribution of nutrient solutions and the EC;
  • Good germination capacity ensured due to the optimal penetration of air and nutrient solutions.